This is probably my favorite kitchen tool! It makes it so easy to finely mince garlic or ginger. I can also finely grate zucchini and sneak it into food so that nobody notices! Click HERE for link.


Mercer Chef Knife

This is my go-to everyday knife. It is a high quality knife that is the perfect size for my hand. There is no need to buy a set of kitchen knives… how many of them do you ACTUALLY use? If you stick to 3-4 great knives, you’ll be set! Click HERE for link.


Oxo Flexible Turner

This is a great non-toxic turner that is flexible so it easily slips under food to lift, flip, transfer and serve.  It is high heat-resistant silicone so it is gentle on non-stick surfaces.  Click HERE for link.


8 oz. Ramekins

I love these 8 oz ramekins for making my mug cakes!  They are so versatile though.  You can make soufflés, creme brûlée, or keep it simple and serve dips, or prep food in them. Click HERE for link.


Bamboo Salt Container

I love this bamboo salt container.  it makes is easy to control the amount of salt you put into your recipes, and you can easily fill up measuring spoons as well! Click HERE for link.


Fleur De Sel

This is the flaky sea salt I use to top my cakes or cookies when I want a little saltiness added To my sweets. A little goes a long way! Click HERE for link.


Silicone Oven Mitts

I LOVE these because they are compact and fit easily on the bar of my oven. The best part is that I can clean them so easily! I hate when my fabric oven mitts get stained, so this is the perfect solution. Click HERE for link.


Microfiber Cleansing Cloths

These microfiber cloths are lint-free, non-abrasive, eco-friendly and dry quickly. I love how each cloth is designed specifically for certain surfaces in my home; stainless steel, wood, glass and multi-purpose. Click HERE for link.



This mandoline makes slicing super quick and easily cuts fruits or veggies into uniform pieces that will cook evenly. I love this for making French fries! Click HERE for link.


Portion Scoops

A portion scoop is a versatile tool that allows you to measure and scoop uniform portions of dough, batter, meat, rice etc. I use it the most for cookies, muffins, meatballs and fritters! Click HERE for link.


Tovla Jr. Knives for Kids

My kids love using these knives and I love that they are safe and made of premium nylon material, with serrated edges for precision cutting of veggies, cheese or bread!  Click HERE for the link.